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“Commitment will transform your WISH into REALITY”

Do you have trouble keeping up with everything you need to do? Do you struggle with the feeling that it all needs to be done right now or maybe even yesterday?

Make a world of difference to your productivity, confidence and peace of mind.
Just take 10 minutes to plan your week and stay on top of it! 


I Can-I Will Weekly Success Commitment Card is a perfect organizer for those who want the convenience and readability of having the week’s plan and schedule all listed on one page.


User manual:

Each 4.75 * 12 inches card is handy size that can be carried around easily wherever you go, Each card allows space to note to-dos for the entire week, space to write your weekly priorities and a conference planner enough writing space for most people’s schedules/tasks. The box contains 52 cards, 1 for each week covering the entire year (starting any time).

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