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Success Planner Tool, Be Successful Everyday

Join the league of Business owners and Professionals who have been using this amazing tool for over 15 years now.
Awarded as #1 and #2 planner of the year respectively for 2017 and 2018 by

“The bad news is time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot.”

Create the life you’ve always wanted!

Unnati’s  2020 Open success planner is a powerful and proven time management tool.

Enjoy success planners upgraded aesthetics, content & durability.


MORE THAN JUST A PLANNER – will help you define and breakdown your short and long-term goals and incorporate them into your daily life. Make and achieve goals in all areas of your life hence living a  balanced and fulfilling life. Start exploring your potential and achieving your dreams TODAY.

STAY ORGANISED AND EXTRA PRODUCTIVE – Manage your time effectively and learn to prioritise. Helps you prioritise your tasks into High-value & Low-value tasks. Includes sections to schedule appointments, all to-do lists, learnings and accomplishments.  Stay on track through weekly and monthly check-ins and calendars.

HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT – bring colour to your life using the only 2 colour planner in the world. Our limited edition planner boasts a luxurious, soft faux-leather cover, hand-bound with sturdy paper that can be written on with pencil or ink 120gsm heavy-duty white paper, a ribbon marker.

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT – Enhance your experience through

  • 4 compelling infographics to help you boost your productivity

  • Affirmations on every page to help you remain positive, focused and joyful

  • ‘Gratitude Sheet’, incorporating the latest research on gratitude and brain

  • A habit tracker

Managing your time through this planner will help you identify your goals and desired actions to follow every day, leading to a happy life. It includes a 24 hour – day planner, weekly planner, and Year Planner. Apart from that, it is a monthly calendar planner cum daily organiser. It can also be used as a meeting planner as well as an agenda planner. Categorise your tasks into High-value & Low-value tasks.

Success Planner Tool Features

  • Live a stress-free life by balancing your Wheel of Life. (Body, Mind, Soul, Career/Business, Family, Society, Relationships)

  • Plan your Life and fulfill your Dreams/Wishes through a proven system.

  • Set Yearly & Monthly Goals: Plan your Month, Week & Day.

  • Write your Vision & Mission, Wishes, Master tasks, Calculate worth of time, write daily affirmations, Track habits.

Success Planner Tool Benefits

Manage your work-life balance(Body/Mind/Soul/Career/Business/Family/Society/ Relationship) effectively.
You can note down your minutes of meetings, plan your next week and also a summary of the previous week. It helps you to be more productive. Plan your month well in advance and be more effective. Note down upcoming events with time and date in advance in the planner. This Planner has been designed by renowned speaker, motivator and life coach Mr. SHYAM Taneja. Success Planner 2018 is the 15th edition, enriched with 41 years of experience of Mr. Shyam Taneja, and is the most successful tool from UNNATI.
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