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Human nature is to do better in the future than in the past. Each one of us wants to be an extra-ordinary person.


The book “PASSION” reveals the secret of being extra-ordinary.
This unique combo of 2 in 1 includes a BOOK and a NOTEPAD.
The ideas given in the book are useful to understand more about passion and the technique of developing passion for greater success in life.

Passion Book

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This book is written for all those who want to unleash their true potential and realize their dreams. The principle that can help each one understand the concept of ‘leadership’ and ‘self-development’, has been compiled effectively in this book. This is a book that can help everyone improve the quality of life and achieve the personal or professional goals.

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This book is written for all those who want to improve their success. The principles that can help any one understand the concept called “Time” are brought out effectively. The reader can relate with the practical ideas irrespective of the profession or business or education or experience. It is the book that can help anyone improve the Quality of Life and Personal or Professional achievements.

Time is Not Money

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Life is an opportunity to evolve to higher degrees of consciousness. It is also an opportunity to become a ChA (Change Agent) for helping people to live a better quality of life. Becoming a ChA is likely to happen through our transforma-tion and not through our suggestions or advice.
‘I Can’ is a perception that helps anyone build a self-image of a winner. Positive thinking is of very little use without a string self-image.
‘I Will’ is commitment to convert wish into a reality.
Combined together ‘I Can I Will’ becomes a powerful self-motivation to have, become, or be what you deserve and desire.


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