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Your Business cannot be Better than YOU

More than 80% Businesses are just striving and owners fail to understand the real reason.

Get a complete growth system for building a business that outgrows.


We've spent over 27 years helping MSME Businesses like yours. 


Get Coached & Implement growth system in your business. 


Our proven process for developing systems in your business brings together a comprehensive curriculum and the personalized guidance of a certified business coach to help you build a business you love leading and a life you love living.


ePaD - Explore Potential Achieve Dreams


A unique and exceptional journey of KNOWING & PRACTICING.


ePaD Digital is a 12 week, interactive program designed to help you achieve self-mastery, develop personal leadership and unleash your potential in order to create the life you desire and deserve.


Through the 12 week you will get access to powerful tools, systems and insights that will help you understand and change critical factors impacting your business and personal life. Accelerate your leadership journey, break through and move forward with confidence and clarity!

Accelerated revenue growth


  • 30% – 35% turnover growth year on year 

  • Production increased by 100%

  • Machine downtime decreased

Self Mastery


  • Find your purpose and reshape your life

  • Discover and surpass your own limitations

Balance your life


  • Improve your health and relationships gain the confidence to Inspire Others

  • Find your purpose and reshape your life

  • Discover and surpass your own limitations

Profitability Zooms Up


  • Dead stock reduction by 50% & 99% drop in wastage on shop floor 

  • Procuring raw materials at lower rates

Running Business Professionally


  • Running business professionally

  • Daily staff reporting top customers

Connecting Conscious to Super Conscious


  • Learn the secrets to reprogram your subconscious for powerful results

Behind Every Successful Business Owner is a Great Coach


Get the process to build the growth systems your business needs plus a result-driven mentor supporting you through each phase of your company's growth.


Shyam Taneja

Neeru Gupta

Sama Taneja

Anil Gupta

Lives Touched


Business Leaders





An alumnus IIT (Roorkee)

and IIM (Ahmedabad)




Purvi Kotak

Founding Partner, Kotak Logistics

Devang Shah

Architect Consultant, De’s Design

Jaydeep Parekh 

Director, Digi Mark Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mayur Talreja

Partner, K Nandlal Sons

Niket Mankad

Business Head, Prasad Group

Neeru Nayak 




ePaD Digital integrates practical business insights with proven, innovative development methods & research to deliver significant and lasting business results.


During this journey you will explore, experience, learn, discuss and practice elements of effective leadership. You will start by gaining an in-depth understanding of your preferences, blind spots, aspirations, personal narratives, triggers, strong suits, patterns, strengths and hence how well do you “play” your current business owner /leadership role. Some of the covered topics include:

  • Exploring Potential & Deepening your Self-Awareness

  • Understanding Self – Unlocking underlying thinking patterns, beliefs and attitudes

  • Understanding Leadership

  • Leading the ‘Self’

  • Invigorating Self – Time, Energy & Focus

  • Shifting perspectives

  • Setting and achieving goals

  • Managing urgency and priorities

  • Leading teams and business

  • Asking the right questions – Fostering performance and helping discover paths to success

  • Engaging, Aligning and Energising teams

  • Influencing and Inspiring others

  • Leveraging Time, People, Money & Technology

  • Clarity on Goals, Roles & Responsibilities in business

  • Team Building and Team Managing

  • Authentic Communication Skills

Success Tools


ePaD - Digital





Starting 06th June 2023


Time: 09:00 am - 1:00 pm

Duration: 12 week


Location : On zoom

ePad Manual


Wire Workbook


Success Planner


Success Tools


ePad App Access



ePaD Digital is a coherent and powerful 12 week accelerated leadership development journey designed to cause exploration of meaning, purpose and potential and helping you achieve your dreams 

The curriculum is designed based on how adults learn, combining the application of concepts with practical, real-world experiences

Leveraging peer power & peer learning – Collaborate with and learn from other business men facing similar challenges. Get exposure and explore becoming authentic leaders together


Program incorporates the latest insights from neuroscience, experiential learning theory and adult development to focus on achieving awareness, developing lasting new habits and further enhancing existing strengths



Forum and Field (in the game) - our unique model of 1 session per week followed by 6 days of application in business and personal life , helps you to take on newly learned skills and mind-sets into clear actionable. The newly acquired learning then becomes embedded in self and the ecosystem



Perfect mix of methodologies like individual mentoring, peer coaching groups, group based projects, self-reflection exercise, somatic work, experiential exercises. All these serve as the basis, for bringing the new approach to your day-to-day life - hence powerfully supporting you in mastering the real life challenges you face



Enabling & embedding a state of Reflection & Introspection in you, providing a privileged access to our own mental states and hence behaviours and your organisational culture



Shyam Taneja

Shyam Taneja is respected, admired and loved as Guru. In his 40 years of working with MSME/SMEs & corporates, he has been instrumental in transforming lives and businesses. Known for his tough love approach he is relentless in pushing a, maximizing potential, catalysing exponential growth and nurturing personal leadership. 

His philosophy says that ”there are only two phases

in life – one of growth and the other of decline. If you consciously do not choose growth, you have chosen decline by default.”


His mission: Touch a Life and make a difference

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