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About us

At Unnati we are passionate about Growth- Your Growth! Unnati helps you Explore your Potential for Achieving your Dreams. We strive to be your growth catalyst- facilitating sustainable positive changes in your Quality of Life and Business Performance. Our decades of experience while working with people from all walks of life and from myriad industries helps us deliver unique customized solutions.

We strongly believe that value in the real world is created by shift in perception, transformation of thought & application of known with action. It’s not what the people in an organization know that counts the most- it’s what they do. Behavior and Attitude make a difference larger than words. Therefore, at Unnati our delivery processes are uniquely focused on getting individuals/ groups to apply the insights for achieving transformational results for self, teams & organizations.

We partner with our clients in achieving their vision and mission through enhanced effectiveness of their people and processes. Besides a range of world- class bouquet programs and processes, Unnati offers customized solutions in the areas of Leadership & Management for top management, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Team programs are also conducted for middle management as well as supervisory/ shop-floor levels.

Our Values

Love what you do and do what you love. Otherwise, change. Explore your potential by learning new skills, attitudes and habits continuously. Make your life worthwhile. Have, Become, and be what you dream.

Work with sincerity not to show or pass time. Think what you can give first then what can you take.

Keep Commitment at all costs. If not possible, change and revise the commitment.

Experience on a daily basis as to what value addition you have made either to organization or to yourself. In all relations think from the perspective of the other person too.

“Beat your Best – Always” – Attitude is a continuous improvement phenomena and the outcome should be growth. Success demands being comfortable in un-comfort.


  A leader does the right thing while a manger does things right. Effectiveness in execution is an integral part of leadership role. With innovative and transformational process of developing your leadership, value will be added to your personality. A well established, well proven and time-tested process helps you as well as your organization to scale new heights of performance and excellence. Our workshop or seminar or program will help you profoundly in integrating your thoughts, words and actions to develop leadership quality of higher order. The highly interactive and exploratory leadership solution is designed to ensure that the leaders explore the need of developing exceedingly engaged and empowered workforce. Our comprehensive offering includes:

Personal (Private) Leadership

The toughest person to lead is always self. You can only be effective to lead others if you are able to lead yourself successfully. We will help you understand your vast unexplored potential that will set the journey of excellence commence automatically. Similar to a tree withstanding forces of storm, true leaders stand out based on strong set of values. True leaders have high order of integrity- coherence of thoughts, words and actions.

Public (Team) Leadership

To meet the challenges of latest managerial role, team leadership plays a significant role. Managing your span of control, proving effective Planning to the team members, organizing staff, assignment of roles and delegation of authorities, directing your subordinates and controlling the work becomes the major dealing areas to develop a team leadership quality. Delegation and building a strong team helps you as a leader as much as your team members to reach new heights of performance.




To help participants understand various factors that make a difference in their Happiness & Business Performance. The objective is also to provide some `Sutras’ that will enable them to bring their Business on growth path & improve their Happiness (Quality of Life).

Who can attend?
  • Start-ups | SME Entrepreneur/CEO.
  • Students who have a vision to be an entrepreneur.
  • Housewives who have time & intention to contribute to Growth of family | society.