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If you continue to perceive, think, and do what you have always been, you will, at the most, achieve what you have been For achieving different results that will enhance your success, you must make a choice to perceive, think and do differently. – Shyam Taneja

On a continuum of eternity from the past to the future, the present is life—a period between our birth and our death. On this earth, we measure this—or for that matter, any other period by years, months or days. All of these are the measurements of the concept called “time”. Since life is a period conceptually called time, I conclude that “your life is your time”.

we measure this—or for that matter, any other period by years, months or days. All of these are the measurements of the concept called “time”. Since life is a period conceptually called time, I conclude that “your life is your time”.Since life is a period conceptually called time, I conclude that “your life is your time”.

You may ask, “What is life?”

This question has as many answers as the number of people answering it. Before we address this question,another important point to think over is, “Whether we take birth by choice and with any objective?”. I believe that we choose to come to this earth with an objective in mind. It is altogether different matter that we forget the objective and, therefore, don’t value the period called time. After all, we don’t consciously remember incidences of immediate past,what to talk of the distant ones. Life is a process of evolution and value addition. I consider life as a period between birth and death that gives us an opportunity to evolve and add value. The quality of life that we have, thus, can be measured by the degree to which we have evolved to higher levels of consciousness and the value we have added to ourselves or others around us. The higher the level of consciousness, better is the connectivity of your soul with the superconscious.

What has Late Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers, to say on Life (speech delivered on June 12, 2005)?

No one wants to die. Even people, who want to go to heaven, don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you,but some day not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And, most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

We shall discuss the concept called “time” in the backdrop of the objectives of life mentioned earlier. For understanding the importance of time management, you have to become aware of the pain you have by not managing it properly and the benefits you intend to get by managing your time better.

The following two questions will get you started on the subject.

1. How often you take out adequate time required for things which you consider important in your life?

Some of the important things in life are: Fitness of body for improved stamina, positive self-image, and powerful personality; Alertness of mind for improved performance; Purity of soul for stronger connection with Parmatma (super-conscious power); Healthy relationship with family members, colleagues and friends for spending quality time and effective communication; Self-development for growth of career or business and improvement in quality of life.

2. What are the things you ought to do that you can do, but you are not doing at present that can make a significant difference in your personal or professional life?

Some of the important things you ought to do are: Regular exercise, follow a diet plan, scheduled reading or interactions for self-development, spiritual development activities, time and communication skills for building relations with important people in family and profession.A man was searching his lost key under a street-light pole. “What are you looking for? Do you need some help?”, a passerby asked.“I have lost my key and I am searching for it.” The man replied.The passerby too started to look for the key as the man was doing.After a while he asked the man, “Where did you drop it exactly?”

“Over there”, the man replied, indicating a place at a distance in darkness. “Why, then, are you searching for the key here?”, the bewildered passerby asked the man. “Because there is more light here”, the man replied. Answer to these two questions will provide you an insight to get started and make you aware of the need to understand the concept of “Time” and, thereby, its management. The most common reason a majority of people give for not doing what needs to be The most common reason a majority of people give for not doing what needs to be done, is the shortage of time. Most people are caught up in this paradox. They don’t have the required time for  fulfilling their wishes and for things, which are very important to them in their life. Just ask yourself as to what stops you from having what you desire and deserve and what stops you becoming what you want to be? I am sure it is not time. On the contrary, if you take time on your side, it can help you build your competencies, so that you can have and become what you desire. This, of course, will need you to understand time and learn its management. If it is so simple, then, why do most people face a big challenge in managing their time? It is because they are searching the solution in a wrong place. It reminds me of a story. (Read the story on page 12) This story may look silly but it is what exactly happens to the most people as far as time management is concerned. They search the solutions of a problem in a wrong place. They are trying to manage time rather than managing themselves. It is seen that almost all successful people have one thing in common—their understanding of the concept of “Time”. Their skill of keeping time on their side provides them a cutting edge. It is not because they have more minutes in a day or more days in a year. It is because they have mastered themselves and used their minutes and hours in a way that helps them achieve much more. We all, on this earth, have one thousand four hundred and forty everyday and three hundred sixty-five and a quarter days in a year. Successful people or failures have the same number of minutes in a day. It is how we plan and prioritize our days and minutes that makes a difference between success and failure.In the course of my coaching or facilitating, I interact with people from different walks of life. I have often heard them say: minutes

Y I want to do a lot more but where is the time? Y Time flies! The day, the week and the month just disappear fast. Y I need more time. I wish the day was of 30 hours. Y I wish I could balance my professional and personal lives.

Amazing though it happens, these people are in minority.On the other hand, there are people who have a problem that is in contrast with the people who look for time. These people are in majority and have difficulty in passing their time. Entertainment industry thrives on such people.Though we all have equal minutes everyday, those who need more minutes, struggle to find these and those who don’t, have plenty of it. This sounds paradoxical, but is true. People with ardent desires and big dreams want to do more in less time. On the other hand, people with unclear purpose and goals live directionless lives and indulge in unplanned entertainment. You must know that the secret finding time but in planning and scheduling the available minutes. The key to time management is in prioritization after you have clearly identified and set your goals in all areas of life. How will it benefit you to enhance your success when you keep time on your side and manage it well? In all ways. The benefits of managing time are immense. Some of these are: of getting the required time is not in

1.Improved personal and professional productivity. By managing your time well, you will accomplish more in less time. This gives a sense of achievement that will help you improve your self-image and self-respect.

2.Improved quality of your life. By managing your time, you can balance your wheel of life by taking out time for self-development, family, society and growth of career. You can move towards being a fulfilled person

3.Improved control over your life and all that matters to you. It means being more effective—personally and professionally. It can lead you to have a better standard of Living.

A professor communicated prioritization by an experiment. He had with him a jar, some big rocks, pebbles and sand. He took out the jar and filled it with big rocks. He asked the class if the jar was full and the class said “yes”. He then took out some pebbles and dropped these in the jar. He shook the jar and the pebbles rolled to the open areas between the big rocks. He asked the class if it was full and the class said “yes” again. He then took out the sand and dropped it in the jar with the pebbles and rocks. The sand covered everything else—every space left between the rocks and pebbles. He asked the class if it was full and they said “yes”.

The professor then explained: “This jar is your life. The big rocks are the ‘High Value’ activities. The pebbles and sand are ‘Low Value’ activities. If you start your week first by planning to complete your ‘High Value’ activities, the ‘Low Value’ can be accommodated like pebbles and sand. If you first attempt ‘Low Value’ activities (pebbles and sand), the big rocks (‘High Value’) will not have a place to be in. This is the secret of prioritization. In your life, if you spend too much time doing things on the small stuff, you will never have time to do the things that truly matter”.

Right now you have decided to invest your time in reading this book. To be honest, I want to caution you that this will not give you any extra minutes than one thousand four hundred and forty minutes you already have everyday. The good news, however, and a promise is that if you take actions on whatever appeals to you, you will manage your time and your life—much better. Be aware that for managing anything in life, it is necessary to first define it precisely and, second, make it measurable. So is for “success” and so is for “time”. Therefore, ask a question to yourself: “What is ‘Time’? What is your definition of the word ‘Time’?”

For ages, many people have tried to think about time. Many have made attempts to define it. However, hardly a few have understood time. Let me quote some eminent personalities, who have tried to understand and define “time”. Albert Einstein, in his theory of relativity, established the space and time continuum and time as the fourth dimension. Arnold Bennett defined Time as the inexplicable raw material of everything. With it all is possible; without it, nothing. Immanuel Kant said: “Time has no real existence outside the human mind”. Benjamin Franklin, renowned philosopher said, “Do you love life? Then don’t squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of”.

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