Why Celebrate Independence Day? What does it signify?

Why Celebrate Independence Day? What does it signify? 600 450 Unlimited Unnati Pvt. Ltd.

All that started in 1857 under the British rule for civil rights and non –violence struggle our leaders prominently did for us. One must never forget our powerful leaders such B.R.Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi for making India an Independent Country on the Eve of 14th August 1947 where Partition broke between two countries (India and Pakistan). The speech “Tryst with Destiny” on that day signified start of new era from British colonialism.

On this , 71st Independence day where people would Celebrate Independence day either by Watching Patriotic Movies scheduled on Television or either Watch live streaming of Delhi Event or Spend Time with their families or go on outing like they always did on every Independence Day .

But think or rather Introspect within yourself? What Extraordinary can we do to make this a memorable day in our life? We got holiday from our daily-grind, do we choose to be patriotic like others do? Aren’t we Indians, why just to wait for a day to be patriotic? Why can’t we be patriotic always .Does patriotic means to be aligned to our country on a particular day. What do we contribute to our country on this day? Ask Yourself once!!!

Right from six in the morning, loud so called “Desh Bhakhti” Songs are played at the Club House of the housing society where I stay. This happens on two specific days (i.e. 26th January and 15th August).
On various occasions I have enquired for people about the significance of these days. I don’t think most people understand the Significance of Independence Day. May be they have not experienced what it was like when India was under British rule. Of course different people will have different version of their understanding of Independence.

Years ago, Bal Gangadhar Tilak coined the famous slogan “Swaraj is my birth right”, I wish he had said “Swaraj is my duty”. The word “Right” appears to have drilled into the subconscious of the nation. The cost we all pay is that “duty” consciousness is seen rarely. In my guess if we were conditioned that independence was our duty, we would be a different nation. The so called “golden bird” is limping to survive and grow. Wealth creation is limited in the hands of very small percentage of the population.

Anyway, we must celebrate one reason is that it is declared holiday that makes celebrative mood to flower in the average Indian mind. However, I think time is not yet lost that we as a nation wake up from our slumber and start raising our voice. That “Economic Independence and Growth” is my birth right.

Independence from the bondage of destructive habits, divided thoughts and limiting perspective will make us get an age old lauds of “golden bird”. What we should commit on this day is “I Can and I Will”.
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