What is Passion?

What is Passion? 600 450 Unlimited Unnati Pvt. Ltd.

Since the time immemorial, every age of evolution has witnessed people with passion in different areas of life.

There have been the true giants passionate for diverse things in different ways. We may know these people by various labels. Nonetheless, they left their footmarks in the history with their power of passion. Some of these have power of passion. Some of these have become legends and we are aware of them. Many others have lived and are still living their lives pursuing their passion unknown to the world.

The significance of passion is that it inspires and changes the path of a lifetime. One man’s passion can redefine the entire world.

Passion is not about being loud or vocal. Neither, it is in a temporary or a fleeting emotion.

Passion is at the root of the inner confidence and radiates in the form of words, expressions and conviction. Irrespective of what you are into, your passion makes you control the emotional environment around you. It exudes from your voice, your eyes, and your body. It makes an impact on everyone around. It’s like a swollen riven in monsoon that washes away every object that comes in its way.

Fortunately or unfortunately passion doesn’t always promise returns in the form of status or wealth or recognition. I say fortunately because many people with true passion think that these returns are similar to parking spots on the journey of success, if purpose of life is not clear, there are all possibilities that you may get stuck in these temporary achievements.

Whichever way you see, Passion guarantees true enjoyment of living your life in any field you choose. Passion glows from within and reflects that you believe in yourself and what you are passionate about. It guides you for the choices you make for living your life. It is a source of persistence when circumstances and other people are unfavorable. It is that extra, which will take you to the next level of what you want to have, become, or be. It is that little more which will make you stand apart from the crowd.

Passion is that extra which will give you confidence and courage to say loudly, “I CAN – I WILL”

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