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Shyam Sir was ranked in the top 5 business coaches in India

Shyam Sir was ranked in the top 5 business coaches in India 1000 704 Unlimited Unnati Pvt. Ltd.

There are many reasons why having a business coach can be one of the best things an entrepreneur can do. We at Unnati Unlimited are proud to say that we have one of India’s best Business Coach- Mr. Shyam Taneja.

Mr. Taneja, or Shyam Sir as we like to call him, was ranked in the top 5 business coaches in India by’s Richa Bhikchandani. Her research was based on value proposition, impact building and of course the success results.

Shyam Taneja is respected, admired and loved as a Guru by thousands of business men across the country, especially in New Delhi and Ahmedabad where he has nurtured a passionate business community. He is an IIT-IIM alumnus and has worked closely with clients like Havmor, Jadeblue, Cera, Tata, eInfochips, Ratnamani, Adani, Torrent, HOF to transform their businesses and life .

unnati -business coachIn his 4 decade long career working with corporates and SMEs, he has been instrumental in transforming lives and businesses. Known for his tough love approach, he is relentless in pushing boundaries, maximizing potential, catalysing exponential growth and nurturing personal leadership. His mission: “Touch a Life and make a difference” is what drives him each moment with his infectious passion.

His philosophy says that ”there are only two phases in life- one of growth and the other of decline. If you consciously do not choose growth, you have chosen decline by default.”

His motto of “I Can, I Will” reverberates strongly in the hearts and minds of his students, employees, and partners. His uniqueness lies in his ability to combine business skills, personal development and spiritual well-being into an integrated and holistic approach to change the lives and businesses of entrepreneurs he works with.

One of his big achievements has been that he has not only helped businessmen directly, but by creating a sense of community among his followers he has taught them to help each other. The bond shared by his alumni is a testament to his own leadership skills– one sign of a great leader is that he can make himself redundant by so well training his followers.

His passion to transform India through leadership training has lead to many other initiatives. His foundation, called “I Can I Will”, helps thousands of entrepreneurs every week through online meetups and webinars. His webinar series “Build India- Build your business, Fulfill your life” is a totally free weekly webinar of 90 minutes every Sunday. It aims to nurture entrepreneurial and business talent in India through personal leadership, habit formation, developing the right attitude, and practical business skill training such as marketing, accounting etc.

He has written several books on life and business management i.e. “I Can I Will”, “Be a fulfilled person”, “Be a Leader”, “Success and Time Management”, “Passion”, “Time is not Money”.

He has an active presence on social media and can be reached directly on

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