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“I have heard often, “time is money”. Is it true? I don’t think so. You can observe people wasting time but not money. In my seminars, I have asked people to take out the lowest currency note from their pocket and tear it. Seldom someone has been able to do so. But when it comes to minutes and hours, you can see people wasting these lavishly and without any feeling of a loss.
Why is it so?
Simple! We have been taught right from our childhood to be very careful about money. The same caution is not exercised for time. We have been conditioned to be very conscious about money and equally carefree about time. Most people think time is unlimited and money very limited.”

– Mr. Shyam Taneja
(From The Book: TIME IS NOT MONEY)

Please fill in your response to the 6 questions below, we will them help you estimate how much money each hour is worth to you,so that you can make wiser decisions about how to spend that time.
We will also provide you with a customized report based on your responses making concrete suggestions for applying your newfound knowledge in your daily life.
You will not always find it useful to put a monetary value on your time. If you’re on a relaxing vacation, for instance, you probably don’t want to think in these terms. But many of life’s decisions require you to trade money for time or vice versa. For these situations, it’s very useful to know the specific value you place on your time.

Success comes to those who understands well that time is a key resource for achieving what you desire and deserve.


    What do you currently earn per month (after taxes)

    On an average, how many days in a month do you work

    On an average, how many hours in a day do you work

    Your desired earning after a period for 3 years

    On an average, how many days in a month do you desire to work (after 3 years)

    On an average, how many hours in a day do you desire to work (after 3 years)

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