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Awarded #1 Planner by for year 2017.

Unnati’s 2018 Success Planner is even more powerful & proven time management tool. Managing your time through this diary planner ultimately leads to effective and efficient time management leading to a happy life. It is a 24 hour – day planner, weekly planner and Year planner. Apart from that, it is a monthly calendar planner cum daily organizer. It can also be used as meeting planner as well as agenda planner. Categorize your tasks into High value & Low value tasks. Benefits: Manage your work life balance (Body/Mind/Soul/Career/Business/Family/Society/ Relationship) effectively. You can note down your minutes of meetings, plan your next week, summary of previous week. It helps you to be more productive. Plan your month well in advance and be more effective. Note down upcoming events with time and date in advance in the planner. 1. This Planner has been designed by renowned speaker, motivator and life coach Mr. SHYAM Taneja. 2. Success Planner 2018 is the 15th edition, enriched with 40+ years of experience of Mr. SHYAM Taneja and is the most successful tool from UNNATI.

  • Live a stress free life by balancing your Wheel of Life. (Body, Mind, Soul, Career/Business, Family, Society, Relationships)
  • Plan your Life and fulfill your Dreams/Wishes through a proven system.
  • Set Yearly & Monthly Goals: Plan your Month, Week & Day.
  • Write your Vision & Mission, Wishes, Master tasks, Calculate worth of time, write daily affirmations, Track habits.
  • Includes 1 Planner & free User guide download (incl. Success & Time mgmt Talk).

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