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Time is not money

This book is written for all those who want to improve their success. The principles that can help anyone understand the concept called “TIME” are brought out effectively. The reader can relate with the practical ideas irrespective of the profession or business or education or experience. This is the book that can help anyone improve the Quality of life and Personal or Professional achievements.

About the Author of “TIME is Not Money”

The name of Author of “Time is Not Money” is SHYAM Taneja. Shyam Taneja is a Graduate with Honors in Electrical Engineering from the IIT, Roorkee. He is alumnus IIM, Ahmedabad by attending MDP. He has worked in various organization rising from the position of a Trainee to a Managing Director.

He establish the Unnati Institute to assist myriad organizations for growth by improvement of productivity and developing leadership qualities of the people in these organizations. He delivers talks, conducts workshops/seminars on growth, leadership, success and performance enhancement. He has authored books, namely Be a Fulfilled Person and Be a Leader. He has developed and conducted programs, namely “I CAN I WILL”, “I CAN WE WILL”, “You Can You Will”, ePaD (Leadership Development), and ePoS (Orbit Shift.)