Join the league of Entrepreneurs, Business owners and Professionals who have been using this amazing, effective & impactful Leadership tool for over 5 years now.

Unnati’ s 2019 Leadership Planner has been upgraded both in terms of aesthetics and content, making this edition as the most powerful & proven time management tool.

Features& Benefits of Leadership Planner 2019:

  • Live a stress-free life by balancing your Wheel of Life. (Body, Mind, Soul, Career/Business, Family, Society, Relationships)
  • Vision & Mission, Wishes, Master tasks all in front of you
  • Set Yearly & Monthly Goals: Plan your Month & Week 
  • Calculator to calculate the worth of your time today and worth of your time you want to achieve (A tool to help you take wiser time management decisions) 
  • Categorize your weekly tasks into High-value & Low-value.
  • 9 compelling new infographics to help you boost your productivity
  • New feature – ‘gratitude sheet’, incorporating the latest research on gratitude and brain added!
  • Daily Affirmations boosting your soul every day

Plan your weeks & month well in advance and be more productive & effective. Plan your Life and fulfill your Dreams/Wishes through a proven system – minutes will add to become days, days will to week, weeks to month & months to the successful year 2019. Begin your Journey towards creating the life you desire & deserve!

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