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The Multiply Seminar was organized to help the SME Businessmen to grow their business and increase their performance growth professionally and personally wherein 29 CEO’s and Businessmen from various fields had gathered for the same. Business strategies, money and technology insights and future planning where the areas covered. View Press Coverage

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Rushil Decore Ltd. Leadership Award

Mr. Krupesh Thakkar, Managing Director of Rushil Décor Limited was awarded the Leadership Award for his Leadership Qualities towards Quantum Growth. Mr. Thakkar thanked the firm and then shared his professional life story. View Press Coverage

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Volansys Certification

We conducted Transformative ePaD program at Volansys for 16 participants. The program was extended to 3-4 months where the participants were asked to work upon their subconscious and conscious mind to become developed leaders. Moreover they learnt the art and science of managing time, communication and people. The CEO (Mr. Manan Patel) and COO (Niraj…

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Multiply Seminar

The seminar was attended by 30 CEO’s, Managing Directors, and Decision Makers of several Business Houses of Ahmedabad. The 4 hour interactive seminar held at Hotel Treatotel by Mr. Shyam Taneja captured areas of improving profit, leveraging people, money and technology and Business Strategy and Planning. Moreover Mr. Praveen Patel , Managing Director of House…

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Disha Enterprise (Leader of the year)

The Leader of the Year Award was presented by Mr. Shyam Taneja to the Managing Director of Disha Enterprise Mr. Saurin Shah. The Award was presented in honor to Mr. Shah’s vision and his belief on the I CAN I WILL program and his success story personally and professionally. View Press Coverage

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Feelings Magazine

‘Touch A Life, Make A Difference’ new concept established at Unnati Unlimited. View Press Coverage

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Lia Certification

Leadership in Action Summer Camp was organized by Unnati Unlimited for youngsters from age 7-18 years. The 7 day camp was held at Heritage Resort, Udaipur. The camp established various outdoor experiential activities. The participants were asked to think, develop and implement Leadership Skills in their day to day life and work on their behavior…

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Lia Camp

To develop youth into future leaders was the motto of the Summer Camp addressed by Neeru Gupta. It was a 7 day event help at Heritage Resort, Udaipur. The age group was between 7-18 years wherein the participants were involved in various outdoor and experiential activities. The participants were put to a thought process where…

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ePaD Certification

39 Businessman from Rajkot where felicitated with ePaD Certificates. The program was to help the leaders in developing their business. View Press Coverage

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