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With Offices in Ahmedabad and Delhi NCR Unnati has 20+ years of experience working with a 1500+ SME business leaders helping them grow their businesses and improve the quality of their lives.

Know Shyam Taneja

Shyam Taneja is recognised as one of the Top 5 business coaches of India in year 2020. He is respected, admired and loved as Guru. In his 40 years of working with corporates and SMEs he has been instrumental in transforming lives and businesses. Known for his tough love approach he is relentless in pushing boundaries, maximizing potential, catalysing exponential growth and nurturing personal leadership. His mission : Touch a Life and make a difference is what drives him each moment


Touch a Life and make a difference.

Books Authored

“Be a fulfilled person”, “Be a Leader”, “Success and Time Management”, “Passion”, “Time is not Money”.


An alumnus IIT (Roorkee) and IIM (Ahmedabad), Ahmedabad, Shyam Taneja has rich and varied experience in execution and management.

“Shyam Taneja’s insight and guidance has really helped to push the boundaries and continuously explore new ideas and avenues…”   Mr. Saurin Shah

“After meeting with him I came to know the huge gaps between my dreams and achievements…”   Mr. Ravinder Aggarwal

“Mr. Shyam Taneja has helped me create a vision, more so a dream of creating a difference in the lives of the people…”
Mr. Karan Sikri

“Unnati I can I will…
Unnati means growth, I Can I Will suggests that I have the potential and I am committed to achieve what I desire and deserve. Using all your senses make a note that nothing in this Universe is static, change is eternal. If change is inevitable status quo is like mirage, why then resist change? Life offers only two phases one of Unnati, growth and the other of Avanati, downfall. If you don’t consciously choose to grow in whatever you do with, downfall is imminent. Unnati is committed to help you achieve growth in quality of your living and business or profession.

– Shyam Taneja, Founder, Unnati

Discover Unnati

At Unnati we are passionate about Growth- Your Growth!

Unnati, in its 20 year’s journey since 1998, has coached entrepreneurs from 2500+ organizations to find solutions for these and many more concerns. The success mantra is a unique combination of eastern mysticism to discover your inner energies and western scientific tools and techniques to channel these energies into action.

Our Mission : Exploring Potential . Achieving Dreams

We believe the purpose of life is evolution of the ‘self’ to higher levels of consciousness and adding value to others.

Our Vision : Make a Difference to Life Touched.

Unnati is committed to touch millions of lives to make a difference.

Our Values

Our Attitude

Beat your Best – Always!
Success demands being comfortable in un-comfort.

Our Expert Life & Business Coaches

Our coaching methods in combination with successful self-exploration techniques from eastern mysticism help entrepreneurs achieve phenomenal success. This methodology has helped entrepreneurs achieve amazing success not only in business but also in their personal lives and through him on his team and his organization to build sustainable success journey.

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