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Do you want to know sutras/ mantras to maintain fitness of your body, alertness of your mind and expanding your consciousness or purity of soul?

Life depends on the state of Body, Mind and Spirit. You have to keep all the three lively, energetic, and enthusiastic all the time. You have to keep a routine of physical and mental exercises along with spiritual clarity. BODY: What sports or games would you play if you had more energy? How would your body look and feel if you were more fit? Do you love your appearance? Are you in perfect sync with your body? Wake up early, follow a regular exercise regime, shun the life and climb stairs, do not take car if the walk is less than a kilometer. This way you can find hundreds of ways to keep your body fit. MIND: What progress could you make in your career if you had more mental sharpness? Do you read a lot for your mental sharpness? Read a lot; attend workshops and seminars for the same. Do courses which will help you to sharpen this area of your life. SOUL: What good things could you do for your community, and the people you love? What can you do to increase your quality and quantity of sleep? Meditation, Self-healing therapies and techniques, Chakra cleansing are few ways which will help you to establish connection with your soul. success-planner