Why is it that external motivation, be it a video, a speech, a book or a movie give you an immediate high that does not last? It is gone by the next morning and nothing changes in your life. You’re still the same.

Scientific research has shown that external motivation causes our brain to recognize that something important is about to happen, so dopamine (a very important neurotransmitter) starts flowing and creates an expectation of reward.
Its real job is to encourage us to act, either to achieve something good or to avoid something bad. But Dopamine’s effect wears out after some time and we don’t achieve anything.

And yet as an infant we learnt how to walk, talk and then as a child to ride a cycle, count, read, write and many other skills that help us navigate the world today. How did we develop these habits considering how challenging this would have been for an infant or a child?

It happened because our parents coached us day in day out and ensured that we develop the skills and habits when we still had not developed the “I Can’t” world view.

The reality is that motivation is a necessary, but not a sufficient contributor to creating a positive change. What is required is learning the tools and techniques from a coach and practicing them under his guidance over a period of time.

Deep Coaching – The Unnati Way

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