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Have you set written goals in all areas of your life for achieving greater Success?

Your life is not just happening around you. Whether you know it or not it is carefully designed by you or maybe carelessly designed by you. You are the one to choose happiness over sadness, courage over fear, growth over decline. Choices you continuously and consistently make, determine the degree of your success. If you are successful today- is because of the choices you made in the past. What is then stopping you now? Remember every action you take is a choice today which will have implication on your tomorrow, next week, and next year maybe next life. If you have not doing this so far begin today, Set grand goals. I am really sad to see that leaders don’t spend enough time thinking and creating their legacy. You may have achieved self-knowledge and self-awareness, but you are too easily influenced by other people’s desires, choices and opinions. You have to cultivate your own dream, your own VISION and set foot to realize it. Legacy is not associated with the end but are the defining moments through the journey of your leadership. Throughout your journey the decisions you make, the actions you take and even the mistakes that you overcome. Leadership in the right spirit is a reinvention process. In the journey of your leadership at each milestone learn to keep creating sustainable impact and influence on the people you are leading, may it be your family, business or any other sphere of your influence.  With each success or failure, you will understand novel ways of mastering the fundamentals. It will help in greater clarity of thought and will further improve your leadership approach. The world belongs to leaders who create and innovate. These innovative ideas will help the society. A journey of excellence towards your goal. Creating a vision is very important. Your long term vision will give a direction to your life. Life without goal and vision is like a boat without sail. It is at the mercy of the wind, ready to be marooned anywhere by chance. Wake up! Get direction for your life, set goals, create a Vision and set out on mission of your life. Be the architect of your destiny. This is how you are going to leave a legacy behind. success-planner