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What is that you want to do, you can do but you are not doing at present that will make a great difference in your quality of life?

LIFE AS A WHEEL Life has many dimensions or areas. Comparing with a wheel, we can identify some areas with the hub, and some areas with the rim of the wheel. The hub provides the strength when the rim moves on. For life, the three areas that provide strength and support to other areas of life are: Body, Mind, and Soul. If appropriate attention is not paid and effort is not made to develop these areas, the wheel of life becomes unbalanced and the quality of life deteriorates. The areas of life that can be identified with the rim of the wheel are Career, Family and Society. These areas of life are our outward expressions of self. It will be difficult to move the wheel unless these areas (portions of the rim) are strong. Spokes of the wheel represent relationships that interconnect the hub with the rim. The life becomes fulfilled when all areas are balanced. Body Body (Healthy & Appearance)/ Mind (Education & Learning)/ Soul (Connectivity with the Super-Conscious) Of the three areas central to our life, Body is the most obvious, quick and easy to comprehend. Growth is first experienced & observed in this area of life. Mind and soul dwell in the Body. Mind Mind refers to the collective aspects of intellect & consciousness that are manifested in some combination of thoughts, perception, emotion, will, memory and imagination. Modern theories, based on a scientific understanding of the brain, see the mind as a phenomenon of psychology, and the term is often used more or less synonymously with consciousness. Soul Soul is beyond the mind to grasp. However, since we have to understand it by our mind only, it will have different meaning for different people. We are a small part of the omnipresent and omniscient power. Some call this power as existence, some as Truth, some as Nature and yet some others by God as Parmatma. Family Quality time spent with family can be a source of satisfaction and recharge. The family members who support you in your goals deserve your time, attention and love. Quality time with children is in helping them learn new skills, acquire knowledge and identify talents. Society We live in society. Just remember that you are enjoying the fruits of the trees planted by others before. You are benefitting from the labor done by many others earlier. Career A career whether it is job, profession or business is the means to make our livelihood for most of us. Therefore, most of our waking hours are spent at our workplaces. Achievements in this area help achieve many goals in others areas of life too. Relationships The rim of a wheel is connected with a hub by spokes. Stronger the spokes, better the transfer of power from hub to rim and consequently smoother movement of wheel. The spokes of a wheel can be identified with relationships ne cultivates in one’s life. success-planner