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What is that you want to do, you can do but you are not doing at present that will make a great difference in your quality of life?

The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we could become. You are unique in all creation; nowhere on earth is there another like you. There is no use comparing yourselves with anyone else. Life is an opportunity to do what you want to do; to have what you want to have, and to become what you aspire, and to be what you want to be. All these are, knowingly or unknowingly, are directed toward being a fulfilled person. Your Quality of life is determined by how fulfilled you are in life. To be a fulfilled person you need to lead & manage yourself that requires making choices to change. Unfortunately, most people resist and fear change. They want to live in their comfort zones; they want to hold on to what they have (possession) or what they are (position). If you want to enjoy the journey & destination of being a fulfilled person, remember there is only one way. Take enough time to think of your present level of un-fulfillment or un-satisfaction in each area – each dimension – of your life. Keep always in mind the unexplored potential you have. Exploring your untapped potential will then induce an inspirational unrest in you that will help you set goals, prioritize & plan actions in order of their importance. You will then be traveling your journey to be a fulfilled person. Your life will take a new zest; you will begin to enjoy the journey and destination to the ultimate; the void of being unfulfilled will begin to fill in leading you to be a fulfilled person. success-planner