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What is that you want to do, you can do but you are not doing at present that will make a great difference in your Business/ career growth?

You are because of the choices you made in the past. Choices you will make in the present will create your future. Taking responsibility is the beginning of the “orbit shift”. Taking responsibility is an approach of changing your outside by changing you inside. Your outside world is a reflection of your inside world. Instead of trying to change the reality, it would be wiser to start thinking of changing yourself. This can happen when you begin to perceive life as an opportunity to reach higher levels of consciousness and add value to yourself & others. You will then develop clarity of “Where you are” and “Where you want to be”. For most people, in the absence of a clear Vision & Mission of life and Goals in all areas of life, turning their wishes into reality becomes a matter of chance. The question then is “Why should you leave it to chance?” You have the potential to explore within and reach out for what you desire and deserve instead of waiting for your luck to pass by? You can choose to take up the responsibility to change what is unacceptable to you instead of blaming others or circumstances or being casual about it? Can you make a choice to create circumstances conducive for your growth instead of being victimized by these? Do you have the power to have, become or be what you think is right instead of what others think, say or do? Can you make a choice to make things happen instead of witnessing all of these happening? Ultimately, your choice will determine the end result. success-planner