unnati unlimited


Guess what portion of your full potential you normally use! Do you think you can explore and use more of your potential?

Humans on earth have unlimited potential, it is not an exaggeration but truth. Scientists who study human behavior, however, prove that people use a very small portion of their potential. An estimated use of their potential ranges between 10-30%.Some put this figure much lower than this range. The famous scientist Albert Einstein said that he used less than 10% of his potential. Imagine the Kind of results you could get by using more of your untapped potential. Let us take the immense possibility offered by Human brain. It contains 12 trillion nerve cells (more than two and a half times the people on this planet). It contains 1000 trillion olecules (way beyond our ability to compute), and can process 30 billion bits of information a second. Your brain has 10 billion neurons and the range of connections all the neurons in the brain could make would amount to one with 28 naught after it. – Unsurprisingly, no human being has yet existed who has been able to use all the potential of the brain. How about you? But do not forget you have immense possibility to unlock the power of Human mind. A question you may ask now, “if I have so much of potential, why do I not makefull use of it?” The answer to this lies in the way you are conditioned! success-planner