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Guess what portion of your full potential you normally use! Do you think you can explore and use more of your potential

Potential Greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and we could become. Human Potential is unlimitedly about tapping individual excellence for the benefit of all. The people who succeed are the ones who have understand how to explore and tap their hidden potential innate inside them. They live the life of excellence and breathe their dreams. Each one of us has a most potential within us. Like an ice berg the talent in the minuscule potential which appears outside, however just as 3/4of the iceberg is unseen, hidden beneath the water, so is our potential? The amazing part is, each one of us is unique so is our Potential. “To find my potential I was looking everywhere except in me” Many perceive the half-filled tumbler as half empty. Can we not interpret the half empty as potential? It means the glass still has potential or capacity to hold water.

Potential is therefore:

  • There is Possibility.
  • Each stumbling block, is a stepping stone.
  • Each cloud has a sliver living.
  • Every night has a sunrise.
This perception will drive you to look inwards and explore your potential to have more and be better. We believe that everything in this world is created thrice: the first in the Super- Conscious, the second in the Individual mind, and third in physical reality. We firmly believe that the thought is transferred with the matching power in the form of potential. Exploration of the given potential to make the thought into physical reality is therefore, responsibility of the individual. In order to explore your potential you have to set in motion a continuous cycle of self-improvement. When you start stretching yourself for using your full potential you will be surprised at how you are able to exercise a greater control on yourself and also improve your results in all areas of your life tremendously. The sutra therefore is – Beat Your Best. Exploring your potential therefore is to believe I CAN and therefore YOU WILL Stick to this Mantra from Today. I CAN I WILL. success-planner