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Would you like to spend adequate quality time with people important in your life?

Life becomes incredible when you pay attentionand give your time to the people who matter. It is by participating that we can breathe life into relationships. There is so much to do; there is a lot of time! I don’t know what to do there is a lot of time! Which of the above two statements is valid for you generally? Busy people have shortage of time and free people have lots of it. Time is one resource on which you have direct control. You have to learn to understand and mange this resource if you wish to succeed and wish to spend time with your loved ones. Many people equate Time with Money. But I disagree. Money once lost can be earned again but can you get back the time you have not utilized? Therefore I say Time is not Money. To understand more why time is not money; please read the Book I have written named Time is Not Money. Improved time Management will give you ample time to spend with your loved ones. Before attempting better Time Management Self-management becomes necessary.
  • Get Going
  • Be organized
  • Attempt excellence
  • Live by the mantra of persistence
  • Focus
  • Say YES !
For Improved Time management
  • Know the worth of your TIME ?
  • List all activities you normally do
  • Find out how you are spending your time at present
  • Prioritize your goals
  • Make Time table and add more HIGH Value activities in your Plan.
  • Eliminate No Value activities and delegate Low Value Activities.